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Lee Burridge is a DJ, producer, and record label owner who helped launch the underground club scene in Hong Kong during the early 1990s, and today plays at nightclubs across the world. Renowned for his storytelling musical style in his DJ sets as well as for his energy and enthusiasm in the DJ booth, his style encompasses the deeper and groovier end of house and techno. Equally suited to night time as they are for sunrise or sunset events. Burridge was a member of England's Tyrant Soundsystem (along with DJs Craig Richards and Sasha) and has mixed albums for labels such as Balance, Fabric, Global Underground and Hooj Choons.

In 2011, Burridge launched a new project encompassing both a daytime event and record label. Titled, 'All Day I Dream', Burridge continued investigating his new musical direction that leaned towards the more melodic and melancholic sounds of house and techno which have since grown enormously in popularity. The (re)exploration of a more melodic sound was actually first sited in his 'all day i dream' podcast for Resident Advisor in 2008. These monthly summertime events began on a New York roof top (office op's) in Williamsburg in June 2011. By the end of 2012's season their ever-growing popularity led to the event being moved to a much larger space (The Well) in Bushwick. Hosted on Sunday afternoons from 3:00 pm until just after sunset each unique event has been produced paying close attention to the sound and a more organic production aesthetic including floating materials above people's heads, bamboo structures, fresh flowers and many other loving details that help create a much warmer and more organic feeling environment that compliments the feeling of the music. All Day I Dream's popularity continues to grow across the world and, as well as hosting major festival stages such as Picnik Electronic and BPM in Mexico where ADID hosted their own stage from 2012 on, the event took up a second USA summer residency, opening in June 2012, in Los Angeles which joined New York as host city to the ADID summer season which runs over four months each summer. The melodic sound pushed by the event and Burridge has been supported strongly by releases on his All Day I Dream label. Matthew Dekay's productions alongside Burridge have created many magical moments both on the label as well as at the events. Dekay and Burridge first crossed paths at a party in New York in 2009 where the two instantly hit it off and began working together. First collaborating on the track 'Wongle' their friendship began to grow during this time.